Dữ Kiện Cử Tri Bao Hàm

Below is a list of the data included with the purchase of a voter file:

Column Heading Data Type Description
lVoterUniqueID Int The County Voter ID Number
sAffNumber Char(10) The Affidavit of Registration Number for the voter in CA; Voter ID in IL, WA
sVoterTitle Char(4) Mr., Mrs., Ms., Miss
szNameLast Char(26) Voter Last Name
szNameFirst Char(26) Voter First Name
szNameMiddle Char(26) Voter Middle Name (often just an initial)
szNameSuffix Char(4) Jr., Sr., I, II, etc.
sGender Char(1) M/F (IL only)
szSitusAddress Char(70) All Residence address fields assembled for a Delivery Point Address line
szSitusCity Char(30) Residence City
szSitusState Char(2) Residence State
szSitusZip Char(10) Residence Zip; can contain zip +4 
sHouseNum Char(10) Parsed Residence House Number
sUnitAbbr Char(8) Parsed Residence Unit Abbreviation (ex. Apt, Ste, Spc)
sUnitNum Char(8) Parsed Residence Unit Number
szStreetName Char(35) Parsed Residence Street Name
szStreetSuffix Char(10) Parsed Residence Street Suffix
sPreDir Char(2) Parsed Residence Pre-Directional (N, S, E, W, NW, etc)
sPostDir Char(2) Parsed Residence Post-Directional (N, S, E, W, NW, etc)
szMailAddress1 Char(40) Voter Mailing Address Line 1
(If no Mail Addr for Voter, Res Addr is placed in the first two Mail Address Lines.)
szMailAddress2 Char(40) Voter Mailing Address Line 2 
szMailAddress3 Char(40) Voter Mailing Address Line 3 
szMailAddress4 Char(40) Voter Mailing Address Line 4 
szMailZip Char(10) Parsed Mailing Address Zip Code
szPhone Char(14) Voter phone number
szEmailAddress Char(100) Voter email
dtBirthDate Char(10) Voter Birth Date; MM/DD/YYYY
sBirthPlace Char(4) Voter Birth Place; state or country abbreviation
dtRegDate Char(10) Current Registration Date; MM/DD/YYYY
dtOrigRegDate Char(10) Original Registration Date for voter; MM/DD/YYYY
dtLastUpdate_dt Char(10) Date the Voter record was last Updated; MM/DD/YYYY
sStatusCode Char(1) Values: ‘A’ – Active, ‘I’ – Inactive, ‘C’ – Cancelled, ‘P’ – Local Pending
szStatusReasonDesc Char(50) Text indicating current ‘state’ of the voter.
sUserCode1 Char(4) County defined code
sUserCode2 Char(4) County defined code 
iDuplicateIDFlag Char(5) Indicator for voters sharing same Name/Birth date; Rare
szPartyName Char(50) Party choice made by voter (CA only)
szAVStatusAbbr Char(10) Vote by Mail Status Abbreviation; This field identifies voters participating in a specific Vote by Mail program.
szAVStatusDesc Char(50) Vote by Mail Status Full Description 
szPrecinctName Char(20) Regular Precinct Name
sPrecinctID Char(10) Regular Precinct Number 
sPrecinctPortion Char(4) Regular Precinct Portion (if applicable)
sDistrictID_0 Char(6) District ID
iSubDistrict_0 smallint District Sub/Ward
szDistrictName_0 Char(100) District Name text
sDistrictID_1 Char(6) District ID
iSubDistrict_1 smallint District Sub/Ward
szDistrictName_1 Char(100) District Name text
sDistrictID_2 Char(6) District ID
iSubDistrict_2 smallint District Sub/Ward
szDistrictName_2 Char(100) District Name text
sDistrictID_3 Char(6) District ID
iSubDistrict_3 smallint District Sub/Ward
szDistrictName_3 Char(100) District Name text
sDistrictID_4 Char(6) District ID
iSubDistrict_4 smallint District Sub/Ward
szDistrictName_4 Char(100) District Name text
sDistrictID_5 Char(6) District ID
iSubDistrict_5 smallint District Sub/Ward
szDistrictName_5 Char(100) District Name text

If voter history is included:

Column Heading Data Type Description
lVoterUniqueID Int The County Voter ID Number
sElecTypeDesc Char(25) Text identifying the type of election (General, Primary etc.)
sElectionAbbr Char(10) An abbreviated identifier for an election
szElectionDesc Char(100) The full legal name for an election
dtElectionDate Char(10) Date of the election
sVotingPrecinct Char(10) The Voting Precinct voter voted in for the election
szVotingMethod Char(85) Text description describing how the voter voted (Polling Place, Vote by Mail etc.)
sPartyAbbr Char(4) Party ballot that the voter voted
szPartyName Char(50) Full Party Name of the ballot voter voted
iCountedFlag Char(3) Ballot Counted Indicator; ‘Yes’ – ballot was counted, ‘No’ – ballot was Not counted