No Party Preference Voter Materials

NPP Information for Voters in Sample Ballot
Detailed, easy-to-read instructions are included in our sample ballot for all voters in Orange County. 

Sample Ballot Section 4: Voting in the Primary ►

Poll Worker Handbook Instructions
Our Poll Worker Handbook provides step-by-step instructions on how to process NPP voters. 

Poll Worker Handbook: No party preference voters (NPP) and crossover ballots ►

Poll Worker Handbook Appendix
Included in our Poll Worker Handbook is an info page designed to show voters their options. 

Poll Worker Handbook: "No Party Preference" (NPP) Voter Options ►

Tabletop Instructions for NPP Voters
As a part of the poll worker supplies, this informative info sheet is designed for the Official Table in a polling place. 

"No Party Preference" (NPP) Voter Options Table Notice ►

NPP Reminder Notice on Voting Booths
This hanging tag will be attached to every container of voting booths delivered to a polling place. 

NPP Notice for Voting Booths ►

Provisional Training Reminder 
This sticker will be attached to every batch of provisional envelopes reminding poll workers of when and how to process provisional voters. 

Provisional Training Reminder ►

NPP NewsClicks 
From Twitter, Facebook, to mass email - we've been communicating on NPP options for months. 

NPP NewsClicks ►

NPP Social Media Video 
Our social media video is clear on rights and options for NPP voters and how our poll workers are trained. 

OC Registrar of Voters No Party Preference Voters ►

NPP Frequently Asked Questions 
Our collection of FAQs are designed to help NPP voters understand the process. 

NPP Frequently Asked Questions ►