Election Supplies

SUPPLY BOXBox that is picked up by Inspector before Election Day.  This contains all the supplies needed for polling place operations.  After the polling place is set up and items removed, it serves as the ballot box.  The first voter will verify an empty box and then it will be sealed. 

ORANGE CANVAS BAGThis bag is found in the Supply Box picked up by the Inspector before Election Day.  It contains the necessary Official Table Set-Up items, such as the voter roster, street index and alpha list.

Voter Roster – Book containing the list of voters within a precinct. It is sorted alphabetically by the voter’s last name. The Roster includes these sections: the Voter Roster List (includes both active and inactive voters) and a Supplemental Page (included in the Inspector Envelope). 

Street Indexes – A list of voters within a precinct, organized by street address that is posted along with a warning regarding the removing, tear or defacing of said document.

Alpha List - An alphabetical list of all voters assigned to a polling place.

Voter Volunteer Form – A sign-up sheet where voters can write their name, address, and phone number to volunteer for future elections.

Voting Equipment Incident Reports – A document used by poll workers to record and document issues/problems that may arise on Election Day with the eSlates (electronic voting booths).

Board/Bilingual Member Badges - Name badges that identify each member of the board as a poll worker.  Bilingual poll workers shall wear a badge identifying them as speaking another language.

Language Assistance Sign – Sign that is posted at the official table indicating the languages supported by the polling place.  Each language will indicate if ballots, poll worker or phone assistance is available.

Voter Registration Forms – Available for voters to fill out and send in to the Registrar of Voter’s office to register to vote or change voter name, address, or party affiliation for future elections.

PW Pins – Personalized pins for the Election provided to poll workers who volunteer on Election Day.

Receipt for Sealed Container (outside pocket) – A receipt that the Inspector uses at the Collection Center at the end of Election Night to ensure that the JBC Chain of Custody, JBC Box, Supply Box, VVPAT printers in blue canvas bags, cell phone, and any ADA equipment such as a Ballot Call (if applicable) are returned.

Collection Center Map (outside pocket) - A map of the assigned Collection Center where Inspectors must drop off their supplies at the end of Election Night. 

VOTED BALLOT CONTAINER (VBC)Found in the supply box, this box contains several envelopes, ballots and sample ballots to be used at the polling place on Election Day. At the end of the night, it is used to seal all paper ballots, voted Vote by Mail ballots and completed provisional envelopes as it is clearly marked on the outside lid.

Unused Ballot Bag - This clear plastic bag is used to store and record all unused paper ballots, spoiled paper ballots and surrendered vote-by-mail ballots after the polls have closed on Election Night.

Spoiled/Surrendered Ballot Envelope - A large, white envelope to hold all unvoted, surrendered vote-by-mail ballots during Election Day.

State Voter Pamphlets (in all languages) – Official voter information guide issued by the Secretary of State.

Sample Ballots (in all languages) – A booklet that contains information for the precinct that includes candidates, propositions, measures and information for the voter regarding Election Day and voting.  Copies are provided as a reference for voters to be used at the polling place.

Provisional Envelopes – An envelope used by voters who vote a provisional ballot.  Provisional ballots are cast by voters who believe they are registered to vote even though their names are not on the official voter roster at the polling place or voters who are designated as vote by mail but did not receive their ballot or do not have their ballot with them to surrender and instead want to vote at a polling place. 

Secrecy Folders – These folders are provided to voters who vote by paper to protect the ballot as private.  It is handed to the voter with their paper ballot.  When completed voting, the voter places the ballot inside and returns to the poll worker to drop in the ballot box.

Black Folder – Can be used by a voter who chooses to vote from their vehicle on a paper ballot.


Polling Place 100’ Feet – This sign is posted approximately 100 feet from the entrance of the polling place.  This sign establishes the area around the polling place where electioneering is not permitted.

Wheelchair Access Sign - These signs direct voters with disabilities to the polling place.

Voter Bill of Rights (in 5 languages) – Supplied by the Secretary of State, these outline voter rights in each required language and shall be conspicuously posted inside and outside the polling place.  (For inside posting requirements, these are found on the Voter Display Stand.)

Paper Vote Signs – Signs used to guide voters to the polling place.

Plastic Vote Signs & Sign Stakes - Directional signage that is placed in the path of travel to the polling place using stake signs to direct voters to the polling place entrance.


Rolls of JBC tape - The paper tape used in the JBC machine to record the data.  

“I Voted” Stickers – Stickers given to each voter after they have voted.

Absorbent Wipes – Found in a plastic bag, these are used to clean the eSlate (electronic voting booth) screens.

Trash Bag – Used by the poll workers to help clean up trash from their polling place at the end of Election Night.  It is the polling place board’s responsibility for cleaning up the polling place to its pre-Election Day condition.

Pens – Provided for use by voters at the official table and in the cardboard voting booths.

Rulers – For poll worker use to guide through the voter roster.

Plastic Hook & Large Clip – Used to hang two copies of the Precinct-Street Index near the polling place entrance.

“Need Help” Cards – Informational card available to voters that are placed on the Display Stand that contains telephone numbers for voters requiring additional assistance can call. 

Notepad – Provided to poll workers for use throughout the day as needed. 

Election Officer’s Digest - An Elections Law guide supplied by the Secretary of State. The digest is compiled from California Elections Code and includes sections pertinent to the duties of elections officers.

Magnaviewer - A full sheet magnifier available for use by voters who have visual impairment or need additional assistance reading the ballot or voting materials.

Ballot Cards - A card poll workers use to indicate the correct ballot the voter should receive.

Masking Tape - Used to hang signs inside the polling place as needed. 

White Sealing Tape - Tape used to secure the ballot box during Election Day and to seal the Supply Box after the polls have been closed.

Red/White Sealing Tape – Tape used to seal the Voted Ballot Container after the polls have closed and contents secured. Each board member must sign the tape.

INSPECTOR SUPPLY PICK UP ENVELOPEThis envelope is picked up with the Supply Box by the Inspector before Election Day and includes specific documents and items for Inspector and board members to review and take action on.

Letter from Registrar of Voters – Welcome letter outlining any key items for Election Day.

Supplemental Voter Roster List(s) (if applicable) A list of voters who are eligible to vote but whose affidavits were not received in time to be printed in the Voter Roster.  This is found in the Inspector Supply Pick Up Envelope and will need to be inserted into the Voter Roster to process these voters on Election Day.

Inspector’s Vote-by-Mail List(s) (if applicable) A list of voters who requested a vote by mail ballot but did so after the Voter Roster was printed.  This list is used to update the Voter Roster by marking “VBM” by the voters name in the signature line.

ADA Instructions (if applicable) For polling places that require specific modifications to their polling place to meet accessibility requirements, instructions will be provided indicating what needs to be done in regards to equipment set-up or signage posting.

JBC Chain of Custody Document that tracks the custody of the electronic voting equipment before and during Election Day.  It is also used to verify the tamper-evident seals found on the JBC throughout Election Day.  This is mandated by Secretary of State.

Notice to Inspectors Document outlining actions to be taken by the Inspector regarding documents included with supplies.  Attached to this notice is the Candidate Write-In List.

Candidate Write-In List – List of qualified candidates on the ballot who met qualifications after the close of Candidate Filing. 


AMERICAN FLAG – Used to adequately assist the voter in identifying the polling place.  The flag is to be erected at or near the polling place on Election Day.

CELL PHONE & CHARGER - County issued cell phone and charger is provided in each Supply Box for communication between the Registrar of Voters Office and the Inspector on Election Day. The Inspector is expected to charge this phone prior to the election and have the phone turned on from 6:00 am Election Morning until the Inspector returns all election supplies and ballots to the Collection Center after the polls have closed.

QUICK SETUP/TAKEDOWN GUIDE -  A poster provided in the Supply Box to guide poll workers with an easy and efficient way to set up and take down the polls on Election Day.

POLL WORKER HANDBOOK - Manual used to train poll workers on polling place operations. A copy is included in the Supply Box and is to be used throughout the day by the poll workers. 

PAPER BALLOTS - Provided for voters who prefer to vote by paper. 

VOTER DISPLAY STAND – A cardboard display stand that is delivered to the polling place with the voting equipment.  It provides information for voters.

PRECINCT NOTICES – Notices provided by the Secretary of State that must be posted conspicuously inside and outside of the polling places.  These notices explain for election procedure for partisan offices. 

VVPAT PRINTER CANVAS BAGS - These blue canvas bags are for storing theVoter-Verified-Paper-Audit-Trail Printers (VVPAT) after the polls have closed on Election Night. 

JBC ENVELOPE - A manila envelope used to store the JBC reports and expired access codes – found inside the JBC case.

JBC (JUDGES BOOTH CONTROLLER) – Control unit of the eSlate voting system that regulates access to the eSlates and tallies the votes.  It is stored in a black box that is picked up by the Inspector before Election Day.

CARDBOARD VOTING BOOTHS – Voting booths delivered with the voting equipment that are set-up at each polling place for voters who wish to vote by paper.  One voting booth is set-up at a lower position for a voter who needs to be seated.

EBOOTH – Electronic voting booth.

DISABLED ACCESS UNIT (DAU) – Electronic voting booth designed for persons with disabilities so they can access and cast their ballots. This booth is at a lower height and contains an audio reader.  Voters can vote independently and privately. 


Belkin Power Strip:  A power strip that the VVPAT printer cables plug into. It must be turned on and plugged into a wall outlet.

Extension Cord:  Provided for use in polling place to help reach to a wall outlet if needed.

Duct Tape:  Used inside the polling place to tape down power cords to prevent someone from tripping and accidently disconnecting the eBooths or JBC.