Địa Vị Nổi Bật của Nhân Viên

Earl DeCastro 

As a Data Entry Specialist, Earl DeCastro is primarily responsible for the processing of voter registrations. His attention to detail results in catching errors in voter registration forms and maintain a clean and accurate voter database. Prior to joining the Registrar of Voters as permanent staff in 2015, he helped as an Extra Help Data Entry Technician and Ballot Processor in past elections. In addition to his primary responsibilities, Earl assists with various duties during an election such as supply distribution, setting up voting machines, training Extra Help, and processing provisional ballots.  To build upon his skills, Earl plans to go back to school to study Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and assist the Registrar of Voters’ mapping department. Earl notes that he is “proud to be part of the elections process and seeing democracy in action.”