Registrar of Voters Backgrounder

Sprint Corporate Sponsorship

Sprint has joined the Registrar of Voters as a major Corporate Sponsor for the June 8, 2010 Statewide Primary Election.

Sprint has agreed to provide a number of their employees to work as poll workers on Election Day. This partnership will help to ensure that all polling places are fully staffed, with professional and qualified poll workers. 

Corporate Sponsors, such as Sprint, not only provide us with volunteers from their company, but help provide exposure of the need for poll workers. 

Sprint has also provided the Registrar of Voters with 1,700 new cell phones for use in our polling places on Election Day. 

The cell phones allow the Registrar of Voters a quick and reliable way to communicate with all polling places on Election Day. 

Sprint cell phones are also used during Poll Worker Training classes; communication is crucial in coordinating hundreds of training classes, dozens of trainers, and thousands of poll workers.

The phones will also be used for a special poll worker project, taking place during the November 2, 2010 General Statewide Election.

Sprint’s Nextel Direct Connect i365 Motorola phones will be used to scan and track polling place supply deliveries to over 1,000 volunteers at a special distribution event prior to Election Day.

Sprint has also provided the Registrar of Voters with Sierra Wireless Overdrive Mobile HotSpots, allowing us to enhance our online capabilities at community outreach events.

These devices will enable us to post live updates from our outreach events, upload photographs in the field, and offer a greater access to our online services.

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