Địa Vị Nổi Bật của Nhân Viên

Leah Fallon 

Leah Fallon has been working at the Registrar of Voters office since the June 2012 Election.  She worked as Extra Help Office Assistant with recruitment in both the June 2012 Primary Election and the November 2012 General Election.  She stayed on as a temporary Field Representative through early 2013.  Leah was hired permanently in February 2013 as a Community Program Specialist in the Election Services Unit.    Prior to joining the Registrar of Voters, Leah worked as a cast member for the Disneyland Resort, holding various positions from store hostess in Tomorrowland to a hat writer sewing names onto Mickey Mouse ears and a Fairy Godmother-in-Training where she performed Princess Transformations on Disneyland park guests. 

Leah is responsible for the recruitment of polling places and poll workers for the Northern area of the County.  She is responsible for overseeing about 250 polling places and over 1,000 volunteers.  When recruiting polling places, Leah must secure the best desirable polling places for Election Day and complete accessibility surveys to ensure they are accessible for voters with disabilities.  In addition, Leah participates in community outreach events, including MyBallot and speaking engagements.  

The best thing Leah enjoys about working at the Registrar of Voters is recruiting poll workers.  She loves calling volunteers who have been working elections for decades and listening to their stories about past elections.  Their excitement and passion for working elections is contagious.  Leah finds herself just as excited for Election Day as her poll workers are by the end of every conversation.  Leah has always been a people person and she finds that being able to hear firsthand how much fun elections are and ability to connect with volunteers on a daily basis is fantastic. 

One of her most memorable moments while working at the Registrar of Voters happened the day after the November General Election.  Leah received a phone call from one of her first time Inspectors, who had called to share her experiences from Election Day and thank her for being so helpful and pleasant to her in the days leading up to Election Day.  It was one of the nicest things to hear after working such a long day – it really made Leah’s day.