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Verify Your Vote

California law (Elections Code §19250(c)) requires the use of a Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) for any electronic election conducted in California following January 1, 2006. The VVPAT applies to polling place voting. We also offer verification of your vote-by-mail ballot.

The Hart InterCivic Voting System, which we deploy in Orange County, contains a VVPAT printer that has been certified for use in California.

The VVPAT printer allows a voter to verify their selections and compare them to the on-screen summary prior to casting their ballot.  The VVPAT printer will also print in the selected language of the voter. 

Orange County's VVPAT presents a simple, secure, and durable, yet elegant solution to meet the complex and disparate requirements of our electronic voting system. Dependable voter verifiable paper audit trail functionality is delivered without adding intrusive additional pieces of equipment in the polling place. The option to transport and/or store components either separately or in the voting booth minimizes any impact on existing logistics and support facilities and procedures.

Hart InterCivic’s VVPAT is delivered through a self-contained printer/recorder unit that is secured in the voting booth next to the eSlate voting terminal. The VVPAT provides a voter verifiable paper audit trail that captures a paper copy of every ballot cast, whether or not the voter chooses to verify the ballot. 

 We also offer verification and tracking of your vote-by-mail ballot.