What Are Inactive Voters?

Inactive voters are registered voters and are eligible to vote; however, they do not receive election related mail such as sample ballots and vote-by-mail ballots. In accordance with State Law, voters may be moved to an inactive status for one of the following reasons:

  • Our office receives mail returned from the voter's address that is not deliverable.
  • The voter does not participate in any election in the previous four years, and has not updated or confirmed their voter record. 

An inactive voter may restore their active voter status by simply voting in an election, contacting our office directly to confirm their address, or by going to ocvote.com/confirm and completing the process online.

Under certain circumstances, inactive voters may be removed from the voter registration list if they do not confirm or update their registration, and if they do not vote in two consecutive federal elections after they are made inactive. 

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