May 2014

Editor's Letter

Welcome to the newest edition of Orange County’s Poll Worker Insights. We're highlighting new features and the upcoming 2014 Statewide Direct Primary Election.

This year Orange County is celebrating its 125th anniversary.  It’s remarkable to think how far the county has come in the decades since its humble beginnings.  Although the county has been conducting elections since its inception, the significant changes for us have happened just in the past decade alone.

As we embark on the next 125 years, it dawned on me what our predecessors might have thought about how much elections have changed.  Take for instance, our ability to produce, distribute and tally one of the largest amounts of ballots cast in the nation.  Without our outstanding volunteers this never would be possible.  We continue to set our sights on ways that we can improve service delivery – and make the experience easier for voters – every time we start planning a new election. 

Take for instance the improvements we have launched for the 2014 cycle of elections.  You will now see a customized name badge included in your Poll Worker PASS packet – this ensures you receive a welcome badge that you can wear proudly in your polling place.  This not only is a friendly greeting for voters, but it identifies our bilingual poll workers to those voters who may need additional assistance.

We are in the homestretch of training thousands of volunteers for the 2014 June Primary.  You will see expanded Poll Worker Practice sessions throughout the county, beginning on May 12th.  We encourage you to take advantage of these valuable hands-on training sessions.  This will provide you with opportunities to learn and expand your knowledge even further prior to Election Day.

Recruiting for a primary election is always tough – the time of year and lower interest all add up to fewer options for our recruiting teams.  But you can help and we will compensate you for your referral.  Our “Friends and Family” program is growing in popularity – give us a call at 714-954-1901 and we’ll give you all of the details.

We’ve come a long way in the past 125 years, and our dedicated poll workers, from generation to generation, have been with us at every step. I hope you’ll continue to volunteer with us and experience the continual improvement that is a solid part of our culture from now and into the future.