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May 2012

Editor's Letter

Welcome to the premier issue of Orange County Poll Worker Insights. Each issue we'll bring you exciting insights and stories about Orange County's poll worker program.

Orange County
Registrar of Voters
Orange County Poll Worker Insights
February 20, 2012
by Neal Kelley

Welcome to the premier issue of Orange County’s Poll Worker Insights, our new online magazine dedicated to poll workers.

If you’re like me, you’re probably turning your focus to the new year ahead: all the opportunities, all the challenges, and perhaps all of the things you want to do in 2012. Naturally, we hope that as you think about what you want to do this year that you’ll choose to volunteer with us. Perhaps you’ve already made that decision and if so we’re glad you’re interested in working one of our Presidential elections in 2012. And we’re working hard to give you more reasons to do just that.

We just completed construction of our new website, which includes over 20 new features not found on any other election website in the country. We completed this entire project in-house, from design to programming and final assembly, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money.

Many of the features of our new website benefit you – our valuable poll workers. You’ll find features such as our new Poll Worker Resource Center. At the “Center” you have everything you need at your fingertips – from training materials, information resources, laws and regulations, discussion boards and even this magazine. We’ve also recently enhanced our award-winning Poll Worker PASS program – an online tool where you can access all of the details surrounding your volunteer experience.

At the other end of the website experience we’ve provided resources for voters, each designed to enhance the voting experience. One example is our new Voter Information Portal. Through this portal a voter can enter a unique identifier and access all of their voting information in one screen. This includes their polling place, vote-by-mail ballot information, voter registration details, their elected officials and more.

Coming soon we’ll be launching our new Poll Worker Operations Manual. The name has changed from “Training Manual” to “Operations Manual” for a good reason – we want you to keep this in your polling place as a helpful resource during Election Day. Many of the new features will be designed to assist you with voters, such as our new polling place operations checklist.

Our 220 full-time and part-time employees are focused on the technologies, services and facilities that make your volunteer experience more enjoyable. I hope that your election experience is a good one, and that I get a chance to meet you in the polls.