September 22 2014

Coming to a Mail Box Near You

Sample ballot mailing begins later this week

As seen in this photo at right we have 1.2 million sample ballots ready for mailing. Postal employees will be on site beginning tomorrow to finalize mailing paperwork as we prepare to mail to Orange County voters.

Neal Kelley
Registrar of Voters

Election Advisory Group

Our Community Election Advisory Group (CEW) met last week in advance of the November election. Our diverse group is made up members of the community from throughout Orange County. Full details at

Voting Booth Maintenance

We have prepared 9,500 voting booths for the upcoming November election. We will begin to apply security seals in the coming weeks and will deploy to polling places towards the end of October.

Sea of Printers in Polling Places

Printers must be serviced and checked

We have serviced nearly 10,000 ballot printers for the November election - each of these printers requires new ballot paper, cleaning and preparation for insertion into voting booths that will be used throughout Orange County. 

Poll Workers 1,243  | VBMs Mailed: 0  | VBMs Returned: 0

Sample Ballot Logistics

As seen in this photo we receive large shipments each day of printed sample ballots. These sample ballots (usually 150,000 at a time) must be off-loaded and prepared for addressing. It is essential that the correct voter data is applied to the correct sample ballot to ensure it is received by the correct voter in the correct precinct. Sample ballot mailing will begin later this week.