September 15 2014

Coming to a Mail Box Near You

Sample ballot mailing begins later this week

As seen in this photo at right we have 1.2 million sample ballots ready for mailing. Postal employees will be on site beginning tomorrow to finalize mailing paperwork as we prepare to mail to Orange County voters.

Neal Kelley
Registrar of Voters

Yorba Linda Ballots

We have been receiving ballots from Yorba Linda voters (participating in the Yorba Linda Special Recall election). Voters are using a yellow return envelope (as opposed to the typically white) to distinguish it from the November election.

Telephone Banks Open

Today we opened our two phone banks for the general election (18 agents assist poll workers while 28 agents assist the public). Voters with questions can call 714-567-7600 and will be connected with a live operator.

Proofing Challenges

Thousands of documents must be proofed for accuracy

We use a multi-layered proofing team, which must proof 2,252 documents for the November general election. We started with 563 English documents, which must be translated and proofed in eight additional languages. With nearly 400 ballot styles this is a critical process.

Poll Workers 587  | VBMs Mailed: 0  | VBMs Returned: 0

Monitoring Data Improves Operations

We have developed internal systems to track critical operational data throughout our organization. This has allowed us to track the production of ballots, sample ballots, vote-by-mail ballots and mailing in addition to polling place and poll worker recruitment. Monitoring this data enables us to allocate resources and make adjustments as necessary leading up to the election.