October 31 2014

Ballots Scanned for Tuesday

Nearly 240,000 ballots received to date

Our vote-by-mail ballot scanning operation is in full gear. We will have all ballots received through mid-day Tuesday included in Election Night totals. We will be in full operation through the weekend.

Neal Kelley
Registrar of Voters

Inspector Supply Pick Up

We have distributed nearly 375 polling place supply boxes to Inspectors (those in charge of a polling place). These early pick-ups have been popular with poll workers.

Additional Supplies Set for Delivery

Shown here election supply boxes are being prepared for distribution at sites throughout Orange County on Saturday. These include supplies used on Election Day by poll workers.

Sorting Ballots for Tabulation

Detailed operation improved year-after-year

After we have extracted vote-by-mail ballots from their envelopes we put them through a detailed sorting operation. Ballots are sorted based on language, if only a single page was received, light marks, etc. This ensures every single vote is captured during the scanning process.

Poll Workers 5,584  | VBMs Mailed: 781,378  | VBMs Returned: 234,956 

Shaping the Ballots Makes a Big Difference

Just before the vote-by-mail ballots are scanned they are "tented". This process places the ballots in the right configuration for the scanners - this is critical so that the scanners do not jam and slow down the processing of the ballots. This allows us to stay on pace and operating at optimal efficiency.