October 24 2014

Vote-by-Mail Turnout

8.7 million vote-by-mail ballots issued statewide

As of today vote-by-mail turnout stands at 14.0% (as a percent of those mailed - 106,357 returned, 755,252 mailed). Statewide averages are tracking at 3.37%, which is lower than in 2010 at the same time period.

Neal Kelley
Registrar of Voters

Poll Workers Still Needed Countywide

Poll workers are still needed throughout the county. If you have friends or family interested we are standing by to assist them – full details in our press release or online at ocvote.com/volunteer.

Voter Registration at the Deadline

The last few weeks before an election is the busiest time for registrations. Registration has grown steadily since August – in the last 15 days before Monday’s deadline we processed 8,502 new registrations.

New Citizens Enjoy Voting

Naturalization ceremony took place Wednesday

Nearly 10,000 new citizens were sworn in at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Wednesday. We partnered with Los Angeles County to outreach to new Orange County citizens. New citizens from several Orange County cities registered and cast a ballot for the first time.

Poll Workers 4,888  | VBMs Mailed: 755,252  | VBMs Returned: 106,357 

Why Pick Up Election Supplies Early?

We began offering the option for polling place Inspectors to pick up their election supplies early in 2008. The option became a popular feature among our poll workers – giving them extra time to become familiar with their polling place supplies. Poll workers will have the option to reserve a scheduled pick up time for Thursday, October 30th and Friday, October 31st. The early pick up option will be offered at our Santa Ana facilities.