October 17 2014

Registration Deadline Monday

Deadline to register is Monday at midnight

Individuals who wish to vote in the November 4th General Election have until Monday at midnight to register to vote. Registering can be done online by visiting registertovote.ca.gov.

Neal Kelley
Registrar of Voters

Supplemental State Voter Guides

We are in the final stages of mailing the state voter guides to voters who registered after the state mailed voter guides statewide. The guide can also be viewed on the state's website.

First-Class Stamp is All it Takes

A single, first-class stamp is all that is required to return your vote-by-mail ballot in Orange County. Only the ballot should be returned (not additional material, which will increase the weight).

Final Voting Booth Preparation

Voting booth delivery begins next Saturday

As seen above we are in the final stages of voting booth preparation. During this phase we are applying security seals, conducting a power-up test, inserting booth printers and recording booth serial numbers for delivery. To date we have completed 2,653 out of 9,000.

Poll Workers 4,272  | VBMs Mailed: 746,581  | VBMs Returned: 43,716 

Vote-by-Mail Ballot Returns Strong

This week alone we have received 43,690. During the first week of ballot returns in 2010 we had received 45,771. Total turnout in the 2010 election was 55.4%, of which 28.7% was vote-by-mail. Our total vote-by-mail voters has increased 28.6% during the four year period following the 2010 election. Up-to-the-minute ballot returns can be tracked on our Data Central web pages (ocvote.com/datacentral).