October 10 2014

Yorba Linda Election Certified

Election wrapped up in 24 hours

On Tuesday we conducted the Yorba Linda Special Recall election. We completed ballot counting, audits and additional reviews within 24 hours. Shown to the right are volunteers at the Hamner residence in Yorba Linda.

Neal Kelley
Registrar of Voters

Emergency Poll Workers

An important aspect of our election planning are back-up poll workers, able to step in if a poll worker does not show up. This is an option for individuals looking to volunteer.

Supply Boxes Being Built

Shown here are election supply boxes ready for the November General Election. We will produce 1,135 supply boxes for our Inspectors (those in charge of a polling place).

Fire Stations' Role in Elections

Fire department sites are critical piece of election

We use a detailed process to precisely sort vote-We rely on a strong relationship with fire agencies throughout Orange County. Shown above are the volunteer poll workers at Yorba Linda Fire Station #32.  Fire stations make up about 6% of polling places countywide.

Poll Workers 3,313  | VBMs Mailed: 629,171  | VBMs Returned: 2,200

Ballot Returns for November

This week we began to mail out vote-by-mail ballots for the November General Election. Between permanent vote-by-mail voters and one-time applicants, we will end up mailing close to 750,000. As of today we have received approximately 2,200 ballots returned. You can track ballot returns daily by visiting our Data Central web pages at ocvote.com/datacentral.