November 7 2014

What's Left to Count?

Another 30,000 planned for today's update

Shown here are provisional ballot envelopes, which are being sorted. We have 38,000 provisionals and 60,000 vote-by-mail ballots dropped off at polling places left. We are working to certify the election around November 14th.

Neal Kelley
Registrar of Voters

Election Supplies Returned

We sort all election supplies, such as vote signs and flags, on Election Night. This reduces costs with the elimination of weeks of manual sorting.

Election Day Voting Booths Received

We have received over half of our voting booths back from polling places (nearly 5,000). Majority will be returned by next week.

Required Ballot Auditing Underway

Detailed operation improved year-after-year

Shown here a team is working on manual tallying the votes cast on printers pulled from voting booths. We hand count 1% of precincts from throughout the County, which are then matched to machine count totals. These required audits must be completed and reconciled prior to certification.

Poll Workers 5,584  | VBMs Mailed: 781,378  | VBMs Returned: 387,610

A Breakdown of Final Certification

When will the election be complete is a common question we here. California law allows 28 days following an election for final ballot counting, required audits, clean-up, etc. We have shortened this window to almost half of the allowed time due to hardware and software automation. We should have the bulk of remaining vote-by-mail ballots counted by Sunday evening and will move on to provisional ballots next week.