November 2 2012

Election Supply Deliveries

Nearly 400 poll workers have picked up supplies as of today

Shown at right this morning election supplies were being loaded into a poll worker's vehicle. We offer appointment times for poll workers to pick up early.

Neal Kelley
Registrar of Voters

Election Night Preparation

Final preparation and testing is on-going as we prepare for Election Night returns. Shown here we are testing our automatic supply return conveyor system.

Voter Registration Record

Online voter registration went live in California in mid September. A flurry of voter registrations followed (62,527) setting an all-time record for registrations in a short period in Orange County.

Sorting Opened Ballots

Sorting ballots down to the precinct level saves time and money
We have been opening and extracting vote-by-mail ballots since last Friday. As of today we have opened 330,067 out of 377,112 received to-date. We sort these opened ballots down to the city and precinct level prior to counting.
Poll Workers 6,328  | VBMs Mailed: 792,524  | VBMs Returned: 377,112

Outdoor Operations Assists Hundreds of Voters

Voters arriving at our offices are directed to one of three outdoor lanes where we can handle the majority of their requests, including emergency voting, vote-by-mail ballot drop-off and general assistance. As of today we have received 970 vote-by-mail ballots and assisted hundreds of additional voters outdoors. This operation will continue this weekend and through Election Night.