November 16 2012

Final Election Certification Approaching

We will soon certify the Presidential Election

California law allows counties to take a full 28 days to certify an election, and most do. However, we should be done with the final results near Thanksgiving.

Neal Kelley
Registrar of Voters

Storing Sorted Ballots

We must store ballots for 22 months - prior to storage we have already pre-sorted them by precinct and by city - saving time if they need to be pulled for review.

Duplicating Damaged Ballots

Many ballots arrive damaged (torn, stained, etc.). We must duplicate these by hand prior to scanning - a tedious task but necessary to ensure every vote is counted. Each duplicated ballot is matched, by serial number, to the original.

Conducting Post Election Audits

We hand count thousands of votes
As shown in this photo we are in the process of hand counting thousands of votes as recorded on printers from voting booths. These totals must match our reported election tally, which is an important step to ensure accurately recorded votes. This process also takes place on vote-by-mail paper ballots.
Poll Workers 6,328  | VBMs Mailed: 792,524  | VBMs Returned: 565,422

Finding Every Single Ballot: Not a Needle in a Haystack but a Field

As shown in this photo, taken this afternoon, we must locate damaged ballots among over 1 million individual ballots. For example what happens if a voter accidentally makes a pen mark through one of the barcodes? Our scanners, running at a high rate of speed, will scan both pages but data will be missing from the first or second page, whichever is damaged. Using serial numbers we must then find the second or first page of the ballot and re-scan it.