November 14 2014

The Final Countdown

Provisional ballots nearing completion

We will be completing our last checks through the weekend as we prepare to certify the results of the November General Election. The final tedious, slow process of reconciling the last remaining ballots is underway (click for details).

Neal Kelley
Registrar of Voters

Difficult Task of Duplicating Ballots

Duplicating damaged ballots is a tedious process that required precision. We explain why ballots need to be duplicated (and why it takes time) in the Results section of our website.

Reconciling Voter Rosters

We spend time analyzing each voter roster from Election Day in order to balance the numbers of voters with ballots cast - this is a part of the post election process.

When is Counting Complete?

Results will change from "unofficial" to "official"

We will not have our final checks complete until early next week (small numbers could still post on Monday). The countdown clock will not appear once we are finished and "unofficial" will change to "official". Sign up for our press releases if you would like to be notified once the election is certified.

Poll Workers 5,584  | VBMs Mailed: 781,378  | VBMs Returned: 389,508

Required Audits Must be Completed

In addition to counting hundreds of thousands of ballots we must complete state required audits of 1% of the precincts from the election. These precincts are chosen at random and include all contests - each of these must be hand counted and compared to our machine counts. We have completed 100% of voting booths, 77% of vote-by-mail, 35% of partial contests and 25% of language ballots (as of this evening).