May 9 2014

Vote-by-Mail Voting Underway

720,000 vote-by-mail ballots mailed

We began mailing vote-by-mail ballots on Monday - we already have voted ballots back and ready for counting. Voters can request a vote-by-mail ballot through May 27th. Ballots must be received by June 3rd at 8 p.m.

Neal Kelley
Registrar of Voters

Supplemental Mailings

Now that all of our regular sample ballots have been mailed we are working today on the supplemental mailing - sample ballots for voters who have recently registered to vote.

Tracking Ballot Returns

You might be interested in tracking ballots we have mailed and received in real-time. Use our custom Data Central pages ( to track ballot totals on a daily basis.

Mountain of Election Supplies

1,200 custom supply boxes ready

We have completed building supply boxes for our poll workers - now comes the challenge of preparing thousands of supplies for Election Day. Our polling place supervisors will be able to pick up their supplies early beginning on May 29th.

Poll Workers 3,130  | VBMs Mailed: 673,245  | VBMs Returned: 1,471

OC Bands Donate Their Time to Elections

We have been partnering with several OC bands, including Bristol to Memory (BTM). These bands donate their time to play at our voter registration and poll worker recruitment events.  (BTM) was the headliner on the campus of UCI during the “Tunes at Noon” event that we co-produced with the UCI Votes multi-agency collaborative. These college concerts have been successful as we work to spread the word about the upcoming election.