May 25 2012

Ballot Opening Begins

Vote-by-Mail Ballot Opening and Scanning Underway

We have started the process of opening vote-by-mail ballots. As of this afternoon we have a little over 100,000 ballots in house (statewide returns are 10% below two years ago).

Neal Kelley
Registrar of Voters

Cardboard Voting Booths

One piece of our election supplies that goes out with our electronic voting booths are cardboard voting booths for paper ballot voting. Today we received 5,000 in preparation for Election Day.

Ballot Scanning

As shown at left today we began the process of scanning vote-by-mail ballots. We will have all ballots received by Monday, June 4th processed and ready to tally Election Night.

Ballot Preparation Prior to Scanning

Critical Step for Quality Assurance

As we have expanded automation of many ballot processes we have been able to reduce the number of individuals needed to prepare ballots. This step is critical and ensures ballots are scanned correctly.

Poll Workers: 4,369  |  VBMs Mailed: 680,851  |  VBMs Returned: 92,580

Statewide Ballot Returns

Statewide returns have been running (on average) 10% below returns from two years ago. Vote-by-mail ballots issued statewide is the same as it was two years ago (7.61 million). Voters who have changed their status to permanently receive a vote-by-mail ballot every election is up 5.5% - now 6.86 million statewide.