May 16 2014

37,000 Ballots In-House

Vote-by-mail returns starting to pick-up

While vote-by-mail ballot returns are behind two years ago they are on par with 2010 primary returns. Shown in this photo we are running challenged ballots today (those signatures or addresses that need further review).

Neal Kelley
Registrar of Voters

Voting Booth Readiness

We are in the process of preparing all voting booths for delivery to polling places for the June 3rd Primary. This includes testing, application of seals, cleaning and quality control.

Election Critical Bags

Our red, secure canvas bags are the "heart" of our election supplies. These important bags contain rosters, street guides, voter direction lists and more. Polling place Inspectors receive these just prior to Election Day.

Election Supply Towers

Layout of election supply boxes critical

Today we began the process of laying out 1,200 supply boxes in a 30,000 square foot space. Layout is critical as the packages are "picked" for poll workers as they arrive to collect their polling place supplies. Inventory and quality control are crucial to the process.

Poll Workers 4,011  | VBMs Mailed: 738,524  | VBMs Returned: 37,157

Anaheim Neighborhood Association Meetings

We have been As a part of our pre-election outreach we have been attending each of the Anaheim District Neighborhood Association meetings. These joint meetings, with the office of the City Clerk, are designed to provide important election and voter registration information. Our community outreach calendar contains a complete list of our upcoming Anaheim election outreach meetings.