March 6 2015

37th SD Turnout Nearly 18%

Vote-by-mail turnout steady as election nears

As of today we have received 45,407 vote-by-mail ballots in the 37th Senate District Election. We have mailed 257,055 to date - each day we are mailing approximately 200 to voters who have requested a one-time ballot.

Neal Kelley
Registrar of Voters

Equipment Delivery Begins

We will be continuing to prepare voting booths this weekend as we gear up to deliver equipment to polling sites in the 37th Senate District.

Ballot Scanning Underway

We have started the process of scanning vote-by-mail ballots in the 37th Senate District. We will be prepared to post nearly 100% of vote-by-mail ballots received by Election Day at 8:05 p.m. on Election Night.

Polling Place Turnout

189 polling places on March 17th

In the 2009 72nd AD Special Election there was a 4.3% polling place turnout. We are preparing for heavier traffic in the polling places for March 17th as more voters choose to turn in their vote-by-mail ballot at the polling place. We encourage voters to use any Orange County location to drop off their vote-by-mail ballot.

Poll Workers 891  | VBMs Mailed: 257,055  | VBMs Returned: 45,407

Ballot Sorting and Preparation

As vote-by-mail ballots continue to arrive from voters in the 37th Senate District, our ballot teams are preparing each ballot for scanning. After the signature checking is complete, each ballot is extracted using automated equipment - cutting processing time nearly in half.  Teams of ballot preparers then flatten each ballot and sort it by language, military, light marks, etc. to ensure that each ballot is properly tallied.