March 28 2014

Sample Ballots on the Press

Printing process will last for several weeks

We have begun to print over 1.4 million sample ballots for voters. With the June 2014 Primary Election just a few months away our election printing operations are well underway. The cover (shown to the right) will be orange - easy for voters to spot.

Neal Kelley
Registrar of Voters

Open Primary with Party Tracking

Even though the upcoming June election is a true open primary we will still be issuing ballots by party - this is to keep track of voters, which is needed to prepare the statement of votes.

Online Training Around the Corner

We will be offering our popular online training for our poll workers for the June Primary. We will also offer a "training lab", allowing online training followed by hands-on.

Ballot Designation Challenges

Any member of the public can challenge ballot designations

Challenging the designation of candidates does occur - sometimes in court. On occasion designations are changed by the court - at both the local and state level. We take no position in these court cases and only inform the court of our strict election printing deadlines.

Poll Workers 286  | VBMs Mailed: 0  | VBMs Returned: 0

New Warehouse Space Brings it all Under One Roof

In February we began to move into the warehouse space previously occupied by the Orange County Public Administrator/Public Guardian. In recent years we have been leasing off-site warehouse space due to space considerations. Now we have all of our operation under a single roof - reducing costs, increasing efficiencies, and improving logistics.