June 15 2012

Primary Election Certified

Final Official Certification is Complete

Earlier today we completed the final process of certifying the tally of all votes cast in the June Primary Election. The final turnout was 26.5% with 17.5% of voters casting their ballot by mail and 9% through their polling place.

Neal Kelley
Registrar of Voters

Voting Booth Returns Complete

Making sure we pick up voting booths from our polling places in a timely manner is critical. We have shortened this window to less than 10 days, freeing up space for our volunteer polling locations.

Ballot Envelope Sweep

One of the last steps in the certification process is to ensure that there are no ballots that were stuck in the return envelope. This guarantees that every single vote has been counted.

Ballot Storage Underway

Ballots Are Stored for 22 Months

We have been working to store voted ballots in boxes where they will remain for 22 months. Each ballot is sorted by precinct to make any necessary reviews easier to locate.

Poll Workers 1,642,516  | VBMs Mailed: 684,836  | VBMs Returned: 277,348

Voter Outreach at the Vans Warped Tour

Our voter outreach for the November election is in full swing. We have dozens of events planned before the General Election, each designed to recruit volunteers to work in the Presidential Election. Our outreach will move to the Great Park in Irvine on June 21st as the Vans Warped music tour comes to town.