February 27 2015

37th Senate District Election Countdown

The special election is just 18 days away

We are undergoing final preparations for the 37th Senate District Special Primary Election. If no candidate receives 50+1% of the vote a run-off will take place on May 19th.

Neal Kelley
Registrar of Voters

"I Voted" Sticker Popularity

The "I Voted" sticker remains one of the most popular symbols among voters to show their pride for participation. We are packaging them for our polling place operations.

Voting Booths

We will be sending about 600 cardboard voting booths into the field for this election, which provides voters a secure way to cast a paper ballot.

Ballot Trends to Date

Returns to date mirror First District turnout

As of today we have received 28,561 vote-by-mail ballots from voters in the 37th Senate District, which is a return rate of 11.2%. At the same point in time we had received 15,458 ballots from voters in the First District Special Election, which was a return rate of 11.8%. 

Poll Workers 725  | VBMs Mailed: 254,771  | VBMs Returned: 28,561

37th Senate District Poll Worker Training

Poll worker training started today for the 37th Senate District Election - with full access to our online training modules. In-class training begins on Monday in 10 cities throughout the 37th Senate District. As of today we have recruited 725 poll workers. Training will continue through March 15th. We are still accepting volunteer applications for this election.