August 31 2012

Military Ballots On Deck

Final Preparations for Military Ballots

On September 7th we will be mailing 2,091 ballots to overseas military and temporary civilians living overseas. In addition we will be e-mailing 1,440 ballots to those who prefer email.

Neal Kelley
Registrar of Voters

Proposition 29 Recount

Starting Wednesday we will begin a recount of ballots cast in Orange County for Proposition 29 (Additional Tax on Cigarettes). The recount will start with vote-by-mail ballots cast, shown at left.

Chapman University Event

On October 3rd we will be on the campus of Chapman University holding our third college concert. These concerts feature local Orange County bands. Students can register to vote or volunteer for the upcoming election.

Orange Street Fair This Weekend

Our Labor Day Outreach

Look for us this weekend at the Orange International Street Fair. We will be near the Orange Circle in the heart of Old Towne. We will be actively recruiting volunteers for the upcoming election.

Poll Workers 1,584  | VBMs Mailed: 0  | VBMs Returned: 0

Important Printer Maintenance Underway

As of today we have processed 3,091 printers used in June's Primary election. These printers, which sit in each voting booth, record the votes as cast by voters. We are currently removing the June ballots, performing maintenance checks, and inserting new rolls for November.