April 29 2014

Sample Ballot Deliveries

1.5 million mailed in a single mailing

Most voters should have received their sample ballots by now - some areas of the county take longer to deliver to depending on the post office location.  Vote-by-mail ballots will go out next week.

Neal Kelley
Registrar of Voters

Small Mailings

Now that we have mailed the bulk of sample ballots we are working on mail ballot precincts and reprinting any damaged pamphlets. These will continue to go out this week.

Field Coordinators

One of the changes for the upcoming June Primary include customized boxes for our polling place coordinators - this will improve the supply delivery for these important members of our field operations.

Inserting Vote-by-Mail Ballots

Volume is important at this point

Our process of inserting vote-by-mail ballots for deliveries is underway.  As we work through technical issues it is important to keep production running for as long as possible in order to meet our 29-day (prior to) election deadline.

Poll Workers 2,310  | VBMs Mailed: 6,234  | VBMs Returned: 57

13th Annual International Festival

The Registrar of Voters will be part of the 13th Annual International Festival on Saturday at Soka University.  The day long free event will include 900 musicians and dancers performing on three stages, and over 250 non-profit, craft and business exhibitors. We will be promoting voter registration and volunteer opportunities on Election Day.