April 27 2012

Sample Ballot Mailing

Look For Your Sample Ballot Soon

Thousands of sample ballots are arriving at our warehouse daily. Our first two ballot styles contain nearly 150,000 sample ballots, which will be the first to be mailed. Our mailing will begin next week.

Neal Kelley
Registrar of Voters

Small Changes, Big Advantage

We have developed a new election supply box for polling places. This new box has an attached lid and will increase packing efficiencies. This will also assist poll workers as they unpack and pack critical election supplies.

Online Training Grows

For the third election in a row our custom online poll worker training tool continues to be the choice for experienced poll workers. Online training will begin May 4th and contains new features, such as expanded video tutorials.

Voter Registration Concert

Cal State Fullerton Concert

Our 2012 election outreach continues May 10th at 10:30 a.m. on the campus of Cal State Fullerton. We will be in the quad with local OC band, "Bristol to Memory" (shown above). We have partnered with local bands, who have donated their time, in order to reach out to a younger demographic for registration and volunteering.

Poll Workers 1,116  |  VBMs Mailed: 0  |  VBMs Returned: 0

Vote-by-Mail Ballot Processing Begins

Yesterday we began the process of inserting 600,000 permanent vote-by-mail ballots. These ballots will be delivered to voters beginning May 7th. Our first run (shown at left) contains 30,000 ballots. Each day we will insert nearly 50,000 as we move towards May 7th.