April 11 2014

Pinching Pennies

The slightest adjustments can save thousands

Today we began the detailed process of addressing 1.5 million sample ballot pamphlets for voters. Today we confirmed our barcodes are getting us the lowest postal rate - this is critical - it can mean the difference between 17 cents or 23 cents, saving us $90,000.

Neal Kelley
Registrar of Voters

Nine Ballots and Counting

With voting underway (military and overseas voting started last Friday) we have received nine ballots returned for the June Primary election.  We expect to receive 500,000 voted ballots in the next six weeks.

Recruiting Poll Workers

The process of recruiting poll workers is well underway (957 recruited to date).  Would you, or someone you know, like to volunteer?  Visit our website at ocvote.com/volunteer today!

Polling Place Checklist

Highly rated by poll workers

Our poll worker trainers are in training - getting ready to train thousands of poll workers throughout the county.  One of the new features we added for our poll workers is an Election Day checklist - this checklist guides the poll workers from start to finish.  We received strong feedback from this new addition in 2012.

Poll Workers 957  | VBMs Mailed: 6,234  | VBMs Returned: 9

Join Us at Faces of Fullerton Tomorrow

The Registrar of Voters is excited to participate in the 12th Annual Faces of Fullerton at the Fullerton Plaza tomorrow, April 12th.  Food, entertainment, and free activities will reflect the richness of Fullerton, and attendees will have the opportunity to vote on a special ballot and check out our Mobile Voting Unit.