Registrar of Voters Backgrounder

Seven Year Journey Report

In 2011 the Registrar of Voters has documented the path they have traveled on over the past seven years in order to produce consistent, quality elections.

The purpose of this report is to highlight the Department’s significant operational improvements, including strengthening our operations team and making important changes to the way we respond to challenges while conducting elections.

A unique piece among election officials, the report is designed for any citizen or group interested in Orange County elections. 

Highlights of the Report Include:

Poll Worker Management: Management of thousands of poll workers is a complex affair. The Department needed to address a number of issues in this area, such as inefficient mailings, gaps in communication and delivery of updated data to our volunteers.

The Poll Worker PASS program has streamlined the process of managing volunteers and provides them immediate access to their election information, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In reducing the number of mailings sent to poll workers the Department has reduced the number of mailings in the thousands and reduced countywide election costs by $20,000.

Ballot Printing and Mailing: Most people looking at their ballot likely think that it is an easy process to format – simply add names and places to vote. In reality, creating a ballot is a complicated and time consuming process that must be done to precise legal standards. Producing ballots must be viewed as a zero failure mission.

The Department’s long term strategy continues to be a move towards consolidation of all production operations in-house. This includes printing ballots, which like ballot creation requires operating to exacting standards. The Department brought ballot printing in-house to maintain strict controls over the operation, standards and quality.

External Communication: Communicating with the public is an essential component of conducting quality elections. Over the past seven years the Department completely overhauled outside communication with stakeholders, voter, and the media. This includes a redesigned website, communication pieces, marketing programs and services.

Quality Control: In a business that requires 100% accuracy in results, quality control is essential. This is true whether creating ballots, ensuring access to polling places or ensuring the security of elections. In the last seven years the Department created a quality control program where it was once nearly non-existent.

As we continue to reflect on our seven year journey and our accomplishments we dedicate ourselves to focusing on constant improvement. We have taken a different approach to election management and it continues to pay off for the citizens of Orange County.

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