Registrar of Voters Backgrounder

Election Operations

The Orange County Registrar of Voters currently has 50 full-time staff members. 

The Registrar of Voters typically employs 150 seasonal (non-permanent) employees for countywide elections.

The number of polling places that must be secured for a countywide election in Orange County is between 1,100 and 1,400.

The County or Orange needs between 5,000 and 6,000 poll worker volunteers for a typical countywide election. 

We recruit approximately 1,400 volunteers that are bilingual in Chinese, Korean, Spanish or Vietnamese to meet Voting Rights Act requirements.

Between 250 and 325 Field Coordinators are used for countywide elections to act as troubleshooters on Election Day in Orange County.

Orange County typically uses 10 Rapid Deployment Teams for an election. These teams are equipped with technical expertise, tools and back-up equipment.

Staffed with up to a minimum of 18 operators, the Technical Support Line is available to poll workers to answer any and all questions they may have on Election Day. 

Orange County relies on its employee volunteer program that typically provides 500 volunteers from the various county departments for a countywide election.

The number of high school students volunteering has doubled in recent years in Orange County growing to over 2,000. 

High school student poll workers represent one-third of the total number of poll workers in a countywide election.

The delivery of the voting systems to the approximately 1,300 polling places cannot  begin until 10 days before an election. 

There are over 50 items used in a polling place that must be designed, purchased,  inventoried. They are carefully packed in the supply box and proofed three times prior to delivery to the poll workers.

Thousands of phone calls are received by up to 18 Customer Service Representatives staffing our Poll Worker Customer Service Line providing answers to any question a poll worker might have about their service including where they will be working, scheduling a training class and more.

The number of candidate assisted at the front desk prior to primary and general elections is approximately 300.

The County of Orange typically hires 15 – 20 trainers to teach 300 Poll Worker Training classes prior to a countywide election.

Approximately 1,000 volunteers generally receive their Poll Worker Training online with the use of a tutorial.

The Registrar of Voters receives anywhere from five to 20 petitions a year.

The number of signatures checked for petitions ranges from 1,500 to 15,000. 

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