September 2014

Welcome Yorba Linda Poll Workers!

October 7th election countdown

As of today we have received 5,000+ vote-by-mail ballots for the upcoming election. Thank you for volunteering to serve in one of our 19 polling places!

Neal Kelley
Registrar of Voters

Process for Training

In an effort to expedite the payroll process and get poll workers their stipends faster, poll workers are now asked to sign-in at their training classes in addition to having their Poll Worker PASS scanned.  

Use Training Surveys!

We want to know how we can improve the training experience for all poll workers! Our new online training survey will be emailed to you after you are checked in to your training class and only takes a few minutes to complete.

Election Day Checklist

Election Day reminders

1.  Arrive on time! Be sure to arrive at your polling place by 6 a.m. on Election Day
2.  Don't forget to sign the payroll page in the roster - we want to make sure you're paid!
3.  We are here to help! If you need assistance call our help desk at 714-954-1901.

Poll Workers: 97  |  VBMs Mailed: 22,255  |  VBMs Returned: 5,811

Enhancements to the Combined Roster Index

The Combined Roster-Index has been redesigned to make it easier for poll workers to assist voters Election Day. When assisting a voter, the Roster Clerk will need to first look up a voters name in the “Voter Roster List”.  If the name cannot be found, the Roster Clerk will then look up the voters name in the “Supplemental Roster”.