May 2012

New Provisional Envelope

We Have Changed Our Provisional Process

Based on feedback from you we have modified our provisional process and there is now only one envelope - everything we need from the voter is on this single envelope. In addition there is no need for a provisional roster or ballot card.

Neal Kelley
Registrar of Voters

New Booth Connections

After a year-long project we have an improved method for connecting booths. This will reduce booth closures on Election Day and improve your polling place experience.

New Ballot Statement

We have updated our ballot statement based on your feedback. Located on the cover of the roster, this new statement is easy-to-follow. Focus groups assisted in the design and testing of this new format.

Set-Up Your Polling Place Early

Prepare Your Polling Place Early

Please contact your polling place as soon as you receive the contact information for the site. All poll workers should assist with early set-up the day before Election Day. This quick first step will make Election Day run smoother.

Poll Workers 1,903  |  VBMs Mailed: 0  |  VBMs Returned: 0

Behind-the-Scenes of Our New Poll Worker Video

We shot our new poll worker training video in September in Laguna Beach. The video has been redesigned based on direct feedback from our poll workers. The new video features more detail, enhanced material and additional interactive elements. You will receive a copy in training or can view it online.