June 2012

Election Day Countdown!

Thank You for Volunteering!

With Election Day just a few days away I wanted to say "thank you" for your time and share some last minute important items. This newsletter covers the most critical items and I would encourage you to take it with you to your polling place.

Neal Kelley
Registrar of Voters

Ballot Options for Voters

If a no party preference voter comes into your polling place they have three choices. Receive a Democratic ballot, American Independent ballot, or a non-partisan ballot. Keep the choices sheet on your table and let the voter decide!

Early Set-Up When Possible

Some polling places may not be accessible Monday night - we cannot force them to remain open. However, most are cooperative and allow you to set up early - take advantage of this whenever possible.

Checking Provisional Status?

Voters No Longer Need Ballot Code

With our new provisional envelope providing a code is no longer necessary. On the voter's receipt they are instructed to visit ocvote.com/provisional where they will enter the last 4 digits of their driver's license and birthdate.

Poll Workers: 4,732   |  VBMs Mailed: 684,836  |  VBMs Returned: 167,589

Tips for New Method to Connect Booths

Don't worry - connecting them is easy if you follow these basic tips. First, use your index finger to help guide in the cable. Or, lift the lid and look at the connection from the side of the booth (as shown at left). Either method will help you to insert the cables quickly and easily. We have a quick video available as well that might help you.