Registrar of Voters Backgrounder

November 2, 2010 General Election Survey Report

The Statewide General Election was held on November 2, 2010.

Eight customer service surveys were distributed during the election, including the Poll Worker Survey, Training Survey, Equipment Delivery Survey, Polling Place Survey, Distribution Survey, Phone Bank Survey, Recruitment Survey, and Election Academy.

The results of these surveys were compiled in a report; the goal of the report is to analyze the quality of service provided to election stakeholders, and to compare the data to previous elections. 

The Poll Worker Survey is completed by poll workers, and the data collected is reflective of the high level of satisfaction of our poll worker population.

During the election, 98% of poll workers described their overall election experience as either excellent, very good, or good.

96% of poll workers indicated that they were interested in returning to serve again in future elections. 

The Training Survey was completed by poll workers following their training class.

86% of respondents felt that the Training Manual was easy to understand, and less than 1% of poll workers did not think their trainer was courteous and professional.

The Equipment Delivery Survey asks polling place hosts to evaluate the level of service provided to them by the equipment delivery company. 

99% of polling place hosts felt that the delivery driver who delivered the voting equipment was courteous.

The Polling Place Survey was completed by polling place hosts following the election. 

96% of polling place hosts felt that the poll workers communicated with them effectively, and 99% described the service they received from the Registrar of Voters as either excellent, very good, or good.

The Distribution Survey was completed by poll workers following a new Supply Distribution Event at the OC Fairgrounds.

98% of poll workers felt that the process was organized and efficient, and rated the experience as either very good or excellent.

The Phone Bank Survey is used to evaluate the quality of service provided to poll workers and voters who call the Registrar of Voters. Overall, the results show that the customer service agents were able to provide a high level of service at all times.

The Recruitment Survey is taken by poll workers upon completion of the recruitment process. The results indicate that poll workers are receiving the information they need, are getting answers to their questions, and highly approve of the quality of service provided.

The Election Academy Survey is completed by participants of the Academy. The majority of the respondents rated their experience attending Election Academy as excellent without any respondents rating it as fair or poor.

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