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Two Weeks and Counting!

Welcome to the June 7th Presidential Primary Election! With just two weeks to go before Election Day, we encourage you to prepare for the big day by reviewing your training materials. This is vital for a smooth-running operation. As you familiarize yourself with the materials, you'll find that your questions will likely be answered and you will feel more confident about serving on Election Day.

If you have questions, feel free to call our Poll Worker Help Desk at 714-954-1901.

Neal Kelley
Registrar of Voters
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Detailed analysis (with help from MIT) used to determine voting booth allocation for Election Day
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No Party Preference (
No Party Preference ("NPP") Voters

No Party Preference voters can vote for President in Parties which allow it. The political parties make these decisions, not state or local government. In the June 7th Presidential Primary Election, No Party Preference voters may vote in the American Independent, Democratic, or Libertarian Presidential contest. These ballots are called CROSSOVER BALLOTS. Watch a quick video on how to process a No Party Preference voter.

"We need your help!"

Our search for poll workers is not over yet! In the next two weeks, we need hundreds of civic-minded volunteers like yourself to fill needs throughout Orange County, especially in southern portions of the county. If you have family or friends who can make time for this opportunity to serve the community, please spread the word: "We need your help!" Volunteers can sign up online or by calling 714-954-1901.

Explore more training materials online
Explore more training materials online

The Poll Worker Resource Center provides everything you need to feel ready for Election Day. Browse the site to access Poll Worker PASS, learn about the supplies in your supply box and even read about other poll workers' stories in Poll Worker Insights. The Explore More section is full of detailed information about the Voting Rights Act, Election Laws and provisional voting.

Poll Worker Practice Sessions
Poll Worker Practice Sessions

The Registrar of Voters encourages all poll workers to attend one of our Poll Worker Practices held throughout the county prior to the election. These practice sessions offer an opportunity to practice building the eBooths, processing of voters accurately, familiarity of the Official Table, and methods to ensure that every voter receives a positive voter experience. Find your nearest Poll Worker Practice.   

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