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Sample Ballots in the Mail!

Yesterday we began the process of mailing sample ballots to Orange County voters. As of this evening we have mailed 968,815 sample ballots on our way to 1.5 million +.   It will take several days to complete the mailing - look for your sample ballot soon.  

Neal Kelley
Registrar of Voters
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Orange County's Voting Tip of the Day: A table of contents is worth a 1,000 words
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Voting Tips
Voting Tips

Our daily Orange County Voting Tips are growing in popularity. We are hearing from voters that they appreciate the daily advice - providing valuable information on the voting process.You can sign up to receive our NewsClicks online.

Orange County Election Events
Orange County Election Events
Our 65 in 16 campaign is underway - 65 events throughout Orange County planned through the end of 2016. From sporting events to concerts, street festivals and more look for us around your community.  We will be at the 1st annual Celebrate Ladera event in Ladera Ranch tomorrow to provide voter registration, election info, and recruit volunteers.


New Voter Registrations
New Voter Registrations

We have had 47,254 new registrations from January 1st through today. This is encouraging and shows a strong interest in the upcoming election. The breakdown of these new registrations are Democratic 19,810; No Party Preference 14,203; Republican 10,469; American Independent 1,919 (balance made up of minor parties).

U.S. Senate Contest
U.S. Senate Contest

We will be discussing the lengthy Senate contest in more detail as we get closer to June 7th.  It is very important that you only vote for one candidate on your ballot. Because there are 34 candidates voters may feel that they can vote for more than one - but all of the instructions are very clear - only vote for one to ensure your vote will be counted!

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