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3-Day Countdown to Election Day

It's hard to believe but Election Day is almost here! We've been planning for 14 months for this special day! Turnout for this midterm could be historic, as we are seeing early returns in many cases surpassing the 2016 presidential election turnout. We appreciate each one of you and as always, thank you for your service!

Neal Kelley
Registrar of Voters
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Public Notice of Random Draw for November General Election

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Plan for Greeters on School Property
Plan for Greeters on School Property

With increased concerns over school security please work to assign one of your poll workers as a greeter if you're polling place is on a campus. This will allow the greeter to direct voters straight to the polling place, especially if the location is further inside school property. Please do your part to help out!

Polling Place Security
Polling Place Security

We've discussed security in general in our previous newsletter. Keep in mind that you have a host of resources backing you up on Election Day, including a roving Coordinator, a Lead Coordinator, Rapid Deployment Teams, senior management and phone bank support. Each of these positions also plays a part in staying alert and reporting any suspicious activity. Remember - in an emergency dial 911, or in non-emergencies 714-954-1901.

Consider Parking Away From the Polling Place Entrance
Consider Parking Away From the Polling Place Entrance

Often times we here from disabled voters that parking was difficult to find, especially in congested areas. We see many poll workers taking the first available spots - if you're physically able please consider parking away from the entrance and leaving those spots closest to the polling place for voters. Thank you as always for your service!

Media Descending on Orange County
Media Descending on Orange County

We are in communication with dozens of international, national and local media outlets that will be roaming sites on Election Day, or in many cases, broadcasting live throughout the day from several sites. We are working to notify sites, but if media shows up unannounced, remember they can photograph inside of a polling place as long as they're not disrupting the process, or photographing official ballot materials. If you're unsure, give us a call.

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