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Vote-by-Mail Strong in Early Returns

Vote-by-mail ballot returns have been very strong in recent days. As of today we have received 74,666. That is 31% behind the same time period in November 2016 (108,217), but 70% ahead of 2014 (43,879).

Neal Kelley
Registrar of Voters
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One-Time Vote-by-Mail Applications Increasing
One-Time Vote-by-Mail Applications Increasing

Applications for vote-by-mail ballots for November have hit record numbers when compared to past midterm elections in Orange County. As of this morning we have received 26,755 applications, which is a 62% increase over 2014.

Paper Ballots As Back-Up for Polling Places
Paper Ballots As Back-Up for Polling Places

As seen in this photo, our paper stock is ready as we are preparing to print 700,000 paper ballots for delivery to polling places as a back up for the existing voting booths. These ballots will be distributed to Insoectors prior to Election Day.

Custom Poll Worker Pin Popular Among Volunteers
Custom Poll Worker Pin Popular Among Volunteers

Our custom made poll worker pin for this election is the logo we’ve created to represent the upcoming election. Anyone who volunteers for service will receive a pin as an acknowledgement of their work as a poll worker.

Voting Booth Preparation Underway
Voting Booth Preparation Underway

We’ve begun the final phase of equipment preparation as we prepare to ship voting booths to 1,000 polling places Countwide. This includes security checks, loading back up paper and more.

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