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Closing in on Election Certification

We have completed the final processing of provisional ballots. We continue to conduct quality control checks on all processes to ensure all ballots have been accounted for and included if eligible. Our plan is to certify the election on Monday. 

Neal Kelley
Registrar of Voters
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Ballot Pulling Continues
Ballot Pulling Continues

What happens when a voter does not return the second, or third page of their ballot? We go on the hunt - as seen in this photo we search through all ballots to ensure the ballot page was not missed during the initial scanning - a very tedious, but necessary process.

Physically Clearing All Election Containers
Physically Clearing All Election Containers

Prior to certifying any election we meticulously search through every container used in the election multiple times to ensure they are clear of any ballots or election materials.

Final Election Audits Nearing Completion
Final Election Audits Nearing Completion

This evening we will finish the manual tally of 1% of all precincts as required under California law. This manual recount is conducted to verify the accuracy of the counting process. In addition, we conducted an additional risk-limiting audit as an added check.

Final Provisional Sweeps
Final Provisional Sweeps

As a part of the final provisional ballot process we physically go through every envelope to confirm that it has been processed prior to the final certification (as seen in this photo).

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