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3 Day Countdown to Election Day!

Thank you for your service and volunteering as a poll worker for the June 5th Primary Election! With Election Day rapidly approaching this newsletter serves as important last-minute reminders. I look forward to seeing you on Election Day!

Neal Kelley
Registrar of Voters
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Public Notice of Random Draw for Statewide Primary Election

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Be Alert Regarding Election Security
Be Alert Regarding Election Security

We have partnered with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and national and local law enforcement to strengthen our defenses and bolster election security. If you "see something, say something" and also refer to our 2018 Election Security Playbook for details on our election security.

Translated Reference Ballots
Translated Reference Ballots

California law requires that a translated reference ballot - also known as a “facsimile ballot” - must be available at polling places with targeted languages. If your site has been identified, your Inspector will have a packet and instructions for these ballot assistance tools.

Ballot Selfies and Photography
Ballot Selfies and Photography

California law has recently changed to allow individuals to take "ballot selfies" inside of a polling place. It's important to note that this cannot disrupt the voting process (and cannot compromise the privacy of other voters). The use of cameras for other photography is limited (please call our Help Desk if you're unsure).

Who Can Drop Off Ballots at Polling Places
Who Can Drop Off Ballots at Polling Places

There has also been a recent change in the law regarding drop-offs. It is now permissible for any person to return another voter's vote-by-mail ballot. Check to make sure the drop-off information is filled out on the envelope before accepting any ballot (located on the back flap).

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