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How to Handle Electioneering

What do you do if a voter wears a t-shirt that promotes or opposes a candidate or measure on the ballot? It's simple:

  • Stay calm
  • Ask the voter to cover the shirt
  • If needed, call the Poll Worker Help Desk

We know it can be uncomfortable to address the issue of electioneering with a voter, so we have created a web page to explain electioneering and provide a simple outline of how to handle it in the polling place.

Learn everything you need to know about electioneering here. 

Neal Kelley
Registrar of Voters
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Election Day Observers: What to Expect
Election Day Observers: What to Expect

As a rule of thumb, observers are not allowed to walk behind the official table or stand behind/next to a voter while voting. Everything else is negotiable with the inspector, as long as voting is not being disrupted and voters are not feeling intimidated. Poll monitors conducting exit polling are only allowed to do so 25 feet away from the polling place entrance.

Learn more on our website.

Watch for Long Lines
Watch for Long Lines

The average time it takes to cast a ballot in this election is 8½ minutes – twice as long as it took in June! Be prepared to manage the voter line by using the Alpha list as directed on page 36 of the Poll Worker Handbook.

You can also study the ideal workflow diagram on page 35; this workflow assigns roles to the poll workers and illustrates what they should be doing during each step of the process. It also shows how each step is interrelated.

Finally, communicate with the voters in line. Even if you are unable to resolve the immediate concern, the voters will appreciate your efforts to keep them informed. 

Brush Up on your Skills!
Brush Up on your Skills!

Did you know that you can review your poll worker training with our interactive online training modules? Brush up on the things you learned two or three weeks ago so you're ready for next Tuesday, Election Day!

These online resources are available to all poll workers, even if you were trained in a facilitated class. Log in to Poll Worker PASS and click the Training tab to access!

What to do if...?
What to do if...?

...a voter wears an electioneering button into the polling place? Find out at this link!

Inspector bonus! Did you know you can get your assigned coordinator's phone number from your online Poll Worker PASS account? Just log in and click on the Polling Place tab – it's under the Election Board section!

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