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Remember the Precinct Map? Our mobile-friendly app is even better! Visit Help voters find their polling place by entering their street number and street name; after you verify their address you will be able to provide the polling place address and directions from the voter’s house!

Neal Kelley
Registrar of Voters
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Plan Ahead and Vote Early
Plan Ahead and Vote Early

Beginning on October 29th, voters can go to any of our six convenient Vote Center locations to vote in-person or drop off a vote-by-mail ballot. We highly recommend all poll workers to take advantage of early voting or vote-by-mail to alleviate stress on Election Day. See our Vote Center page for locations and details.

Ballot Drop-off or Ballot Surrender?
Ballot Drop-off or Ballot Surrender?

What’s the difference? We are glad you asked. When a voter is dropping off a vote-by-mail ballot, it means the voter is casting their ballot at the polling place. On the other hand, surrendering a vote-by-mail ballot means the voter is voiding the ballot and wants to vote on an eBooth or paper ballot at the polling place. Read more on pages 36–39 of the Poll Worker Handbook.

Polling Place Changes
Polling Place Changes

Many polling places have changed for this election. This is due to jurisdictions moving from at-large elections to district-based elections. These smaller districts lead to more boundary lines which may run through existing precincts, which would divide the precinct into two or more precincts. Voters who have voted at a particular polling place for years may live in the part of the precinct that was separated from the main part, so they will be assigned to a new polling place. If voters have further concerns, let them know that these changes are determined by the cities and districts in their area.

Poll Worker Practice Sessions
Poll Worker Practice Sessions

Would you like a chance to practice setting up eBooths or arranging the Official Table? We hold Poll Worker Practice sessions throughout the County to provide you the opportunity to practice the things you learned in class. Find locations and dates on our Poll Worker Practice page.

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