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Election Day Countdown!

Election Day is just one day away!

This newsletter will provide you with important tools for Election Day. We have prepared materials that you can view right on your own mobile device while at the polling place!

Thank you for volunteering and your commitment to Orange County elections!

Election Day Help Desk: 714-954-1901. 

Neal Kelley
Registrar of Voters
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NPP & Crossover Ballots
NPP & Crossover Ballots

When you see the N-P designation in the Voter Roster, simply turn to Page 85 of the Poll Worker Handbook and ask the voter to indicate the party ballot that they want to vote for. Refer to Page 41 of the Poll Worker Handbook for step-by-step instructions.

For a full list of NPP resources, please visit the Poll Worker Resource Center.

Video Resources
Video Resources

Forgot how to set up an eBooth? Want to see how to set up the new Display Stand? Need a quick reminder on how to remove the eSlate printer at the end of the night? No problem! We have prepared short video clips that you can watch right on your mobile device on Election Day.

Visit our Training Video Resources page to watch essential Election Day functions!

Dropping off <br />Vote-by-Mail Ballots
Dropping off
Vote-by-Mail Ballots

We are expecting that a large number of permanent Vote-by-Mail voters will drop off their ballots at a polling place on Election Day. To address this, remember to periodically scan the line of voters for those who are dropping off a ballot. Poll workers should collect these Vote-by-Mail ballot envelopes, confirm that the voter has signed the back of the envelope, then place the ballot envelope in the ballot box. Voters who drop off their ballots do not sign the Voter Roster.

The Most Common Problem on Election Day is...
The Most Common Problem on Election Day is...

Power connections. The majority of eBooth issues can be resolved by double-checking the power connection from the wall outlet to the power strip, to the black power adapter, to where the thin black cable plugs into the top of the eSlate printer. See troubleshooting in action in this video clip. 

Before calling the Help Desk, check out our Troubleshooting Guide in the Poll Worker Handbook for troubleshooting tips.

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