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Measuring Ballot Weight and Volume

As we continue our project to install 110 secure ballot drop boxes throughout Orange County, we are analyzing how many ballots each box can hold (and the logistics for retrieving ballots). Our custom solution will hold approximately 3,500 ballots at a weight of 200 pounds.

Neal Kelley
Registrar of Voters
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How Many Booths Per Vote Center?
How Many Booths Per Vote Center?

As we finalize our new voting system we have been working on how many voting booths should be at each location. Using queuing calculations we know that to process 2,000 voters per day, keeping wait times under 5 minutes per booth (and doing this 90% of the time), we would need 22 booths per location.

Where Does a Ballot Fall?
Where Does a Ballot Fall?

This photo is looking inside of our new ballot drop boxes. But we need to ensure that the ballot travels from the chute to the ballot collection device. This is why we are having containers custom manufactured to include guides that will allow the ballot to slide gently into the containers ready for collection.

All of that Heavy Metal
All of that Heavy Metal

As we move towards recycling our old voting system we are also dealing with thousands of metal racks and containers that provided storage for the voting booths. These metal "caddies" will also be recycled, allowing the County to recoup a small portion of the original cost.

Upgrading Ballot Extraction Equipment
Upgrading Ballot Extraction Equipment

We are in the process of installing new ballot extraction equipment, that will allow us to keep up with the demand of vote-by-mail participation. These new extractors will operate more efficiently, allowing for increased processing times and movement to the scanning process quicker.

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