Empleado distinguido


Marcia Nielsen 

Marcia Nielsen has been working for the Registrar of Voters’ office since April of 1999.  She was hired as an Office Supervisor C in the Front Office. In 2005, she became a Staff Specialist, serving as the Candidate and Voter Services Team Lead.

As the Candidate and Voter Services Team Lead, Marcia assists the Candidate and Voter Services Manager in running the day-to-day operations of the Front Office.  Her responsibilities include acting as the liaison with Orange County City Clerks and Judges during Candidate Filing; supervising Vote-by-Mail Boards;  being the Co-Lead in the processing of provisional ballots; and, proofing sample ballot and ballot documents as a member of the Registrar of Voters’ Proofing Team.

Marcia is known as a hard worker, who is dedicated to the election process and to the mission of the Registrar of Voters. She realizes the importance of quality customer service and providing each Orange County resident with the opportunity to register and cast a ballot. Her tireless commitment is reflected in the number of hours she devotes to getting the job done and in her volunteering for many assignments outside of her regular duties, including teaching numerous ROV University classes to benefit her fellow employees.  It is apparent that Marcia takes pride in her work and wants to do a good job.  In her own words, Marcia says “I appreciate my job at the Registrar of Voters.  It is a privilege to work with such dedicated staff in pursuit of a common goal – successful elections.  The hours may be long, but the satisfaction is great”.

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