Nuestros Profesionales

The Registrar of Voters’ staff includes 49 permanent employees, numerous seasonal hires, and thousands of volunteers.  When a permanent position is available, the Registrar of Voters advertises and accepts applications for it through the County of Orange employment website,  Interested applicants will need to create an account.  If there are no positions currently advertised, interested applicants can submit a request through the website to be notified by email when a recruitment is opened. Make sure that “Elections” is checked.

The Registrar of Voters hires seasonal employees to assist with the preparation and execution of each election.  These seasonal positions are classified as Extra Help and are a straight hourly wage with no benefits.  The Registrar of Voters hires Office Assistants to help in a variety of ways such as assisting voters, recruiting and training poll workers, serving in the public or poll worker phone bank, and processing ballots.  Staff Assistants are recruited to lead the training for our volunteer Inspectors and Clerks each election.  Election Workers receive and distribute supplies, ensure all mail is processed correctly, and make certain that all voting equipment is functional and properly delivered.  Data Entry Technicians process voter applications, Systems Technicians manage our Information Technology operations, and Election Aides review ballots and election results.  The hiring for these positions begins four to six months before the election.  All positions will be listed on the County of Orange employment website,  Interested applicants will need to create an account.  If there are no positions currently advertised, email notifications when a position opens can be requested through the employment website. Please make sure that “Elections” is checked.

The Registrar of Voters needs thousands of volunteers to support Election Day operations.  Positions include Polling Place Inspector, Polling Place Clerk, Election Day Coordinator, Election Day “A” Team, Collection Center Worker, and Election Night Operations.  We provide a detailed description of these positions as well as their stipends. To apply for those positions, submit an application through the volunteer pages of our website.

  Comunidad   Búsqueda de Votante Fecha de nacimiento (01/31/1910):  Últimos cuatro dígitos de su licencia de conducir    La búsqueda de votante le proporcionará la verificación de su registro y durante la elección le proporcionará su lugar de votación, boleta muestra, cómo solicitar una boleta de voto por correo y mucho más.     Alcance Electoral Comunitario Información de alcance electoral comunitario Información bilingüe de alcance comunitario Grupo consultivo comunitario de elecciones Webinarios electorales Solicitud para conferencistas electorales Folletos Misión del programa de alcance comunitario Participación Comunitaria Información sobre participación comunitaria Patrocinios corporativos Academia de Elecciones del Condado de Orange Programa Estudiantil MiBoleta (MyBallot) Calendario de eventos Fotos de eventos Eventos de música en vivo Programa Surf the Vote NationCalendario de Conciertos LiveNation Red social