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2021 2nd Supervisorial District Vacancy Election
Select ballots issued or returned:
Current Total Ballots Issued
Permanent vote-by-mail ballots 1,316,010
Vote-by-Mail ballots 1,683,314
Military and overseas ballots 9,798
Total vote-by-mail ballots 1,693,112
Vote-by-mail ballots issued by party
DEM 618,957
REP 570,615
AI 54,911
GRN 5,308
LIB 19,116
P-F 5,990
N-P 408,472
Daily raw count of vote-by-mail ballots mailed 396,500
Current Total Ballots Returned
Permanent vote-by-mail ballots 0
Vote-by-Mail ballots 0
Military and overseas ballots 0
Total vote-by-mail and Vote Center ballots returned 0
Vote-by-mail ballots returned by party (all of Orange County)
Daily breakdown of vote-by-mail ballots returned See Link
Raw Count of In-Person Ballots Cast See Link
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